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You may be wondering what the heck my blog is about.  I’m a young, solo traveler who loves to break the traditional rules of travel and live to tell the story!  I cover everything from far away solo travel to local, Florida daycations.  Please enjoy my unique perspective on travel, food, and fun!

How to Plan an Epic Camping Trip with Your Friends

How to Plan an Epic Camping Trip with Your Friends

Sometimes you just want to get away for a weekend with your friends, and camping is the perfect way to do that! Every state has state parks that make it possible without having to travel too far away, so once you find a park all you need to do is round up your friends and get everybody on board! Unfortunately, that can be a lot harder than it sounds, so here is a guide to help make things easier!

Take Control

If you are the one spearheading this event, get all the details nailed down before you start inviting people. Pick the park yourself, if you can, pick (general) dates you already know should work for everyone. If you don’t know for sure, have specific weekends or things like winter break or spring break picked out and ask which ones work for people. Don’t leave it wide open or up for too much discussion because that’s when people can’t make solid commitments.

Have One Person to Count On

Before you invite everyone, find your ride or die friend, the person who you know will follow through once they have agreed to come. Talk to this person about dates, tell them which park you want to go to, and get things worked out with them. That way you know without a doubt the trip is happening, and you can be prepared to book your site.

Pick a State Park that Offers the Best Activities for that Time of Year

If it’s summer time pick a park with a spring, canoeing, or kayaking, If it’s winter pick a park with a lot of hiking options or bike trails. Search for the parks you’re looking for on Instagram and see what other people are doing there right now to help you decide!

Spread the Word

Once you have done that invite the rest of the people you want to come. Tell them you have the dates and you have the reservation booked and you want them all to go on and epic camping trip with you! If you have a group of people that want to go, start a Facebook group. In the Facebook group you can put the address of the state park, the dates, and all the information about the trip so it’s all easily accessible in one place. Everyone will have one place to communicate about the trip with each other, and when it’s over you can share all your photos from the trip!

Meal Plan and Share the Responsibility

Have a different person (or couple of people depending on how big the group is) responsible for each meal. This way everyone saves money by not having to buy groceries for every single meal on the trip, and no one has to be stressed about trying to figure out what to bring. Meals provide a setting for great quality time spent between everyone, nothing brings people together like eating a meal together! In your Facebook group everyone can call dibs on who wants to make breakfast, who’s bringing lunch, and who’s taking care of dinner so there’s no confusion when you get to the campground.

Bring Games

Games are a great idea to give everyone something to do around the fire at night! Ask everyone what games they have and are willing to bring so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Remember, there are NO friends in Uno, it's ever man (or woman) for themselves!


Be Flexible

Plans change, people can change their minds, and things don’t always go as expected, but that’s ok! Go with the flow and you’ll have fun no matter what! Surrounded by great friends, beautiful nature, and s'mores, you’re bound to have an epic camping trip!

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