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Hi, I'm Jessica

You may be wondering what the heck my blog is about.  I’m a young, solo traveler who loves to break the traditional rules of travel and live to tell the story!  I cover everything from far away solo travel to local, Florida daycations.  Please enjoy my unique perspective on travel, food, and fun!

Restaurants I Tried in New York City

Restaurants I Tried in New York City

Here are the restaurants I visited while in New York City listed. As you can see we definitely had a foodie adventure during our short time in New York. Priorities, am I right? New York is famous for its different neighborhoods and amazing food so we hit up as many as we could!

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Bergen Bagel- Brooklyn

On Bergen Street in Brooklyn stop by Bergen Bagel and have a bagel and an iced coffee. I promise you’ll be happy you did. The first time we went into Bergen Bagel (yes, we went more than once) 4 of us got 2 bagels each, we took them back to my friends house, and we passed them all around. I couldn’t tell you every bagel and cream cheese combination I tried that day, but I can tell you that I loved them all.

Smith Street Bagels- Brooklyn

My favorite bagel place I’ve been to yet! This isn’t the place famous for rainbow bagels, but they have rainbow bagels. We walked in and jazz music was playing and the entire staff was welcoming and happy to have us. They had a lot of different coffee options, some were seasonal and the rest seemed to be permanent.


Robertas Pizza- Brooklyn

Come here for amazing pizza! Here we ordered a couple different types of pizza off of their special Halloween menu and everything we had was amazing. I ordered one called “Millenium Falco” and I was unsure whether it was a typo or a pizza pun that (still) goes way over my head, either way I didn’t want to be the one to ask. What really mattered was the actual pizza, not the name, and the pizza was everything you could hope for.


Westville- Dumbo, Brooklyn

This restaurant is right by the brooklyn bridge park (I walked here from the park) and the food was great, geared toward lunch/brunch food. The menu was creative, the atmosphere was nice, and they had an awesome playlist. There are multiple Westville locations so if you aren’t in the area you can probably find one near you.

Tom’s Restaurant- Morningside Heights

This is your typical, ordinary, American diner. You will want to go here though because it is the restaurant from Seinfeld. The inside of the restaurant on the show was a set, but the outside of Tom’s Restaurant is where they got the shots for Seinfeld. Inside there are newspaper articles and photos of the Seinfeld cast all over the walls, its really cool. It’s cash only, so be prepared.

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The Golden Unicorn- Chinatown

Awesome Dim Sum brunch in a huge dining room with shared tables. The food here was amazing, there was so much to choose from, and the overall experience was fun. There are cool chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and our bill ended up totaling about $12/person. We probably ordered 2-3 plates each that we shared.

Paesanos of Little Italy

The atmosphere is adorable and the food is very affordable. We had Pesto Gnocchi and Ravioli for about $12 a plate. We thought we had died and gone to heaven when we took our first bite here! In Little Italy the street is lined with Italian restaurants and you can have your pick of whichever you want, I’d bet they’re all amazing. People stand outside each restaurant with menus and try to convince you to come into their restaurant, it’s fun!

Each of these spots were amazing, but if you must choose only one my best recommendation is The Golden Unicorn in Chinatown. No matter what, you can't go wrong with the food in New York so you're odds of having a good meal are in your favor. Do you have a place you love to eat in NYC? Comment on my Instagram and let me know your favorite spots!

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