Everything You Need to Know About Rock Springs this Summer

In the hot Florida summer, there’s not a whole lot that could be better than tubing down crystal clear, cool, spring waters all day. If you are from Central Florida or taking a vacation in Orlando you can visit the nearby Kelly Rock Springs a short drive away in Apopka.

Before you go:

Call ahead and figure out the hours the spring is open and make sure the spring will be open the day you plan to go. You can rent tubes right outside the park, or you can buy one at wal-mart for $6 and bring it in with you, just make sure it’s less than 6’ in diameter. Bring a cooler with cold drinks and lunch to save some money versus buying lunch at the cafe there. Also be sure to have some cash on hand, admission is $6.

While you’re there:

Bring a blanket or some towels and set up a spot to hang out by the water. There are trees and shade so you don’t need to bring an umbrella or anything, but that’s up to you if you want. Take your float to the spring entrance and jump into the water and relax as you float down the spring. The water is 72 degrees Fahrenheit all year round, so it will definitely feel pretty cold when you get in. Do yourself a favor and just jump all the way in and it won’t be so bad!

What to bring:

Bug Spray
A blanket or towels
Lunch and snacks
Waterproof camera or phone case
Water shoes aren’t necessary but you could definitely use them