Beck What The Heck Takes On the San Francisco Bay!

Come with me! Escape wherever you are to come along with me to San Francisco for the weekend! I bet you're thinking, "How the heck am I supposed to go with Beck What The Heck to San Francisco when I'm stuck at home and gotta be at work first thing in the morning?!" Well, fear not my friends! I was in the Golden City last weekend and I'm taking you with me on a visual tour! 

Start your day at everybody's favorite tourist destination in San Fran, Fisherman's Wharf!

Can't leave without checking out the views of Alcatraz where some serious Prohibition Era gangsters like Machine Gun Kelly and Al Capone did their time! We don't have the time to take the whole Alcatraz tour, but besides, who wants to go to prison voluntarily anyways? So snap that picture and on we go!

Fisherman's Wharf is known for it's great seafood, so break here for lunch!

Head to Sabella and La Torre for some heavenly clam chowder made from scratch! 

Now hop on the public bus and head to Coit Tower for incredible views of the city and the bay! ($7 entrance fee FYI)

Now it's time to play around the world in 8 minutes and head over to  China town! Did you remember your passport?

China was great, take some time to wander the city without a destination though. San Francisco has some seriously alluring architecture, the kind of places that would make any vagabond start picking out a place to settle down before they even realize they've been sucked in.

If you need a place to stay check out HI San Francisco Downtown, for $56 in the heart of downtown San Francisco it can't be beat.

Day 2

Wake up early and go to Mama's on Washington Square for brunch. Yes I said wake up early for brunch, not breakfast. You will be waiting in line for 1-2 hours for this brunch, but I promise it will be well worth it in the end, otherwise, there wouldn't be so many people in line with you! I recommend getting your morning coffee and something small to eat before you go so you aren't hangry (hungry-angry) while you wait. You're welcome.

See, I told you it was worth the wait.

See, I told you it was worth the wait.

After binging on Chocolate French Toast do yourself a favor and take the scenic drive over the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods and walk it off! The quietness of the woods is a lot more refreshing than you'd think after a day of running around in the city.

Know before you go:

  • San Francisco has fickle weather so wear layers! When the sun hits you you'll be taking that jacket off, but in the shade it gets chilly so be prepared!
  • Parking is expensive and driving in the city is not fun. If you drive, park your car in a garage for a flat daily rate to avoid paying high fees multiple times. A day in the garage will cost you around $35. The public bus will get you where you need to go for around $2.50 and Uber pool cost me around $4.75 a ride which isn't bad at all.
  • If you stay at that hostel check in before you go to see if they have any tours or hostel events that day, I didn't get a chance to participate in any but the list looked sweet.
  • It's California and it gets expensive so just be prepared to spend money on your meals, even a hot dog stand will run you about $10
  • Wear comfortable shoes and be ready to walk up some really steep hills!

What an awesome weekend in San Francisco! Did you already go without me! Tell me what I missed in the comments or tag me in your instagram posts and show me! (@beckwhattheheck)