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Why You Should Take a Daycation This Weekend

I seem to always be wanting to get away somewhere, I have to constantly remind myself, “work hard, play hard” and that I actually have to work to be able play. I feel like my mind is in a constant state of vacation envy. I’m sure living in Florida probably doesn’t help, all I have to do is drive down A1A and I find myself pining over the thought of a tropical get away...

The Hostel in the Forest Day 2

Day 2 of my adventure at the Hostel in the Forest! Saturday morning I woke up and to my surprise it was freezing! To everyone else not so much, but to a Florida girl like me it was was! I got out of bed, put on a couple layers of clothes, and the jackets I had with me and walked over to the common area of the Hostel...


I had my first adventure in New Orleans, and made some new friends! Come along for the ride and meet my friends Sean, Matt, Elizabeth, and the cool guy at The Famous Door!