Travel is the Best Boyfriend I've Ever Had!

Dear ex-boyfriends, don’t take offense to this, some of you were great and we had a good run, but travel is the best boyfriend I’ve ever had.


Travel is the ultimate master at hard to get

Travel makes me work for hours, days, weeks, and months, to get to him, but it’s worth it. Every. Single. Time.

Travel is never boring

Everything is new and exciting with travel. A simple day at the beach leaves me awestruck with childlike bewilderment at what’s in front of me! With travel I am never left wondering, “what’s next?”. Travel gives me the gifts of life experience, travel knows I just want to have fun! Travel knows what I want and is always leaving me wanting more, travel just gets me.

Travel never says, “No, don’t go”

Instead, travel says, “Bring it on! What’s next?!” Travel doesn’t try to limit me due to it’s own insecurities, it says, “let’s go!”. Travel encourages me to experience as much as possible, pushes me head first into the unknown, and is always there with the encouragement of a helpful stranger or a fellow traveler when I need it. Travel totally knows I can handle what’s thrown at me, and we just go with it!

Travel is never jealous.

Travel doesn’t care when I’m kissed by the waves of the ocean, or find love at the first sight of mountains. Travel wants me to meet other people, travel wants me to talk to everyone around me. Travel puts me in places to make sure that I’m lost in the moment, totally involved with everything around me, it doesn’t require my undivided attention.

Travel understands when we take a break

Travel knows that it’s not him, it truly is just me when we need a break, and travel knows that I’ll always come back. Sometimes the circumstances of life pull us apart, but travel knows I’m dreaming of him, and we’ll be back together as soon possible.


Travel and I have been going steady for a long time now, and I don’t see us breaking up anytime soon. I’m only predicting good things in the future of our relationship; new, exciting, beautiful things, that nobody else has ever shown me, so yes, travel is the best boyfriend I’ve ever had.