Weekend Getaway Guide to Cuba

"You're going to Cuba? Why Cuba? What would you do in Cuba?" they ask.As a girl who feels like she needs to see everything I never understand the questions I inevitably get about a destination I'm visiting. Visiting Cuba is such a foreign thought to a lot of people here in the United States, but

Beck What The Heck's Favorite Experiences in 2017

2017 is going to be a hard year to top for me. Not to say it didn’t have its challenges, but the challenges didn’t even come close to the milestones. I was able to go to Thailand and Cambodia which was a trip I had been wanting to take for years and also crossed the sixth continent off the list for me! That was just the beginning though, so here are my favorite activities of 2017!

3 Day Itinerary for Chiang Mai

The truth about Chiang Mai is that you want to have planned activities to do when you’re there. If you are going to be passing through Chiang Mai and want to take advantage of the time you have there, this is a good list of things to do. If I would have spent my time in Chiang Mai like this, I could’ve done everything I wanted and saved myself an extra three days to do something else.

Halloween Weekend in Brooklyn

This year I spent Halloween weekend with my friends Lisa and Summer in New York. I met Lisa on my trip to Thailand earlier this year and she lives in New York, so when I found $100 roundtrip flights from Orlando to New York, I had to go. I’m not sure what it is about Halloween, but this...

12 of Florida's Best Kept Secrets: Summer of Fun

This summer was Jess and Tyer’s Summer of Fun where my friend Tyler and I made a solid commitment to venture out through our home state of Florida every Sunday and explore. We visited beaches, springs, and theme parks. We kayaked, canoed, snorkeled, and floated through Florida one Sunday at a time. If you live in Florida and are looking for something to do, or you will be visiting soon and want to

Key West Bucket List

Even if you can only make it to Key West for a one weekend it's worth it. Key West is home to the Southernmost point of the continental US, only 90 miles North of Cuba and the Florida Reef, so if for nothing else, at least come for the Cuban food and the snorkeling and diving! I visited Key West this June for my birthday, here are some of the highlights of my weekend and hopefully a great guide to your weekend itinerary.

Hostels You Should and Shouldn't Stay at in Thailand and Cambodia

Hostels are a very important part to your backpacking experience. When choosing a hostel you look for somewhere you will meet people you can have a great time with, somewhere you feel safe, somewhere that isn’t so dirty you’re afraid to take off your shoes or take a shower, and somewhere you can relax if you need to. When you choose your hostel you have to use...

6 Worthwhile Activities in Bangkok

Bangkok is a necessary evil. Chances are, that at some point during your trip to Southeast Asia you will be finding yourself flying in or out of the Bangkok airport and spending some time in the city. If you’ve read any blogs about Thailand you have read the countless complaints of bloggers everywhere about their dislike for the city, but there are actually...